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R M Wiseman

Legal Director

Shell UK limited

Shell-Mex House

London WC2R 0XD.

Your Ref: UKLG 

23 May  2000. 

Dear Mr Wiseman, 

Today I received a letter from Mr. Mark Moody-Stuart., unfortunately I did not receive the letter until rather late in the day.  In his letter, Mr. Moody-Stuart, repeats your assertion that I attached unacceptable conditions to my offer(s) in order to make available my research findings to Shell. You will recall that in our telephone conversation of Monday last, I once again offered, in exchange for Shell acting responsibly, to hand over, virtually my entire body of evidence.  You will understand, from my perspective, that when (part) my evidence was disclosed to Shell, in 1993, Shell, fabricated, using the supplied evidence, a sham Narrative.  The Cobalt-60 Narrative, of the 7/2/94, signed by your Media Relations Manager and former BBC current affairs broadcaster, Fran (Frances) Morrison, was a tissue of lies from start to finish.  Consequently, I hardly feel it is unreasonable that I now request that Shell, gives verifiable undertakings to behave in a ‘responsible’ manner, before I hand over my evidence.  

In our telephone conversation yesterday, you repeatedly requested that I define, what I mean by ‘responsible’.  In an attempt, at this very, very late hour, to resolve this ‘impasse’.  I am prepared to hand over my body of evidence, as set-out, to Shell via agreed  intermediaries-one from each side.  Independent, internationally renowned physicists and or suitably technical scientists of the highest repute will surely meet with your approval. Should you have any other suggestions regarding suitable disciplines/ candidates, I would, of course, be only to willing to listen.  However, as a great deal of the evidence is of a technical nature, I believe the particular disciplines will be to your satisfaction.  

Should this not be acceptable, I shall willingly agree to you (Shell) freely viewing and acquiring copies of my evidence, in exchange for you allowing me similar access to your various files and personnel concerning this matter. 

Should this prove unacceptable, I am willing to jointly interview, with your  representative(s), former Shell and decommission employees, and others, who will be able to verify my allegations. As I explained to you on Monday, at no time have I demanded, required or even expected that the Shell Group admit, as a pre-condition for obtaining my evidence, liability, or culpability. 

In view of Mr. Moody-Stuart’s letter, in which he has apparently been under the same confusion regarding the meaning of my use of the term-responsible, I am prepared to await a further seven days for your response. Should none of these suggestions prove satisfactory, I can only conclude the blindly obvious. 


Yours sincerely, 


John Dyer