Shell's Lawyers
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Richard Max Wiseman.

Shell's head lawyer, solicitor and barrister Richard Max Wiseman is responsible for department of some 20 plus lawyers.  Richard Wiseman has 'fronted' all Shells replies/correspondence, in this matter, since 1998.  That is until Shell's appointed lawyers-Freeman's official entry.  The Group's legal heads role is somewhat perplexing, as he appeared most keen to inform (John Dyer) that he passed my letter on to 'Shell's defence committee' .


D J Freeman

D J Freeman's -Marcus Rutherford has responded to all the correspondence concerning Shell's nuclear dumping since 11 August 2000.   Rutherford is the senior litigation partner in Freeman's media and communications department.  His appointment/role is, in my view, for his media connections if need be, to frighten off the media.  'His' first letter was a mixture of threats, bad manners and panic. Marcus Rutherford has refused to state whether or not he was/is a member of Shell's defense committee', when he was first appointed by Shell, etc.