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R M Wiseman

UK General Council

Shell International Limited

Shell Centre

London SE1 7NA.

Your Ref:  LSUK

27 July 2000.

Dear Mr Wiseman,  

Following your recent invitations to issue my claim(s), I enclose four copies of my (draft) first claim to the following defendants:

·                    Yourself

·                    Shell Research Limited

·                    Shell UK Limited

·                    Shell Transport  & Trading plc 

Should you require individually posted copies for the companies concerned, please notify. 

You will note that I have not alluded in my claim to the quantities of nuclear materials/waste dumped (thousands of tons) and the fact that the ‘waste sites’ include housing estate(s), medical, shop(s), leisure facilities and school(s).  You will also note that I have not even hinted at the health/ostosarcoma ‘concerns’, in and or around the deposit sites utilised for your nuclear ‘materials/waste’.  I do however state, in my Statement of Claim, that I have notified Shell.   

It is correct to inform that I am presently minded to enjoin ‘third parties’ to this action.  Moreover I have found the time constraints particularly difficult with regard to the legal drafting/understanding of my claim (as I fear will be all too apparent); hence, should Shell –attempt to dishonour its undertaking not to employ ‘legal technicalities’ to defeat this action, I reserve the right to go public and start an appeal for funds to employ suitable legal representation. 

Unless I receive your proposals for settlement within 21 days, I shall commence proceedings without further notice. 

Yours sincerely, 

John Dyer.