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R M Wiseman

R M Wiseman

Shell UK limited

Shell-Mex House

London WC2R 0XD.

Your Ref: UKLG


Dear Mr Wiseman, 

Thank you for your letter dated 24th September 1998, however, I find that despite my request for a response from the appropriate individual from either Shell Research Limited or Royal Dutch Petroleum Company you have chosen to ignore the issue 

From the outset the policy has, apparently, been for Shell UK Limited and not Shell Research Limited to respond to all enquires concerning the events of 1968 at Shell Research Limited, Thornton Research Centre. I fear the unkind may draw the conclusion that this is part of a carefully thought out policy of deception. 

As Legal Director of Shell UK Limited, you are, no doubt, conversant with company law. In the light of this may I ask: 

1.  Who, and when, authorised Shell UK Limited, to speak on behalf of Shell Research Limited and or the Shell Group?

2.   At what level was authorisation given? 

3.   Have you made the owners of Shell Research Limited (Royal Dutch Petroleum Company) aware of the position.  If so, when and at what level? 

4.   Have the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company, granted you authority to speak on their behalf concerning these matters. so, when and at what level was authority given? 

5.    I understand that Shell UK Limited is itself a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. Can you confirm that the UK parent company-The Shell Transport and Trading Company p.l.c.-has been informed of this matter. If so, when and at what level? 

Due also to the involvement of Shell International Chemical Company Limited/Shell Chemical Limited and the Shell Petroleum Company Limited in these matters, and to avoid necessary of having to go through this performance again, I require details of either the appropriate individuals to contact at the above company’s or details of your (Shell UK Limited) authority to speak on behalf of these company's.I note that your current position is to defend the Narrative that was constructed in order to try and explain away the events. ‘68, as set out by Ms Fran Morrison in her letter of 7/2/94.  It is of some concern to me, that one of the world’s largest multinationals should have ever allowed its name to he associated with such a letter. 

In light of the serious nature and consequences of this issue I am prepared, either to communicate directly to the Shell company's outlined or once your authority to speak on their behalf and or the Shell group as a whole has been satisfactory demonstrated, to enter into discussions with you concerning my findings. 

I wish to make it clear that I will not engage in long or protracted correspondence unless you (Shell) treat this matter in a responsible and serious manner.  I feel that it is only right and proper that I indicate, at this point, that my findings are extensive and conclusive.  

Yours sincerely   

John Dyer.