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R M Wiseman

UK General Council

Shell International Limited

Shell Centre

London SE1 7NA.

Your Ref:  LSUK 

26 June  2000. 

Dear Mr Wiseman, 

Thank you for your fax of 26 June.  You repeat your line regarding my going to the authorities. 

I will undertake to do this if you will you, now, give an unreserved undertaking on behalf of the Shell Group, as its Legal Head, that the Shell Group of Company’s will make all of the relevant records freely available, and that the relevant authorities will have free and unhindered access to any document or record or Company and or individuals, without reserve! Furthermore, you will hand over your files, as I undertake, as an act of goodwill. 

I now await your undertaking.  

Yours sincerely, 


John Dyer.