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R M Wiseman

UK General Council

Shell International Limited

Shell Centre

London SE1 7NA.

Your Ref:  LSUK

21 June  2000. 

Dear Mr Wiseman, 

Thank you for your letter of 20 June.  You have now made Shell’s position clear. 

In view of the momentous consequences of disclosure, I consider it is correct to directly request you to state whether or not Shell intends to defend my (writ(s), as per our discussion.  Should you not intend to defend (as you have already indicated) it would be the height of irresponsibility to allow me to issue my writ(s), thereby risk putting into the public domain this issue, and as a consequence threaten ‘public panic’ without the desired thought or control. 

In the event that Shell desires to defend, I require the following (for my writ(s). 

  1. Can you confirm that Ms Frances (Fran) Margaret Morrison, your former media manager, has been dismissed?
  1. In the event of denial, can you confirm the date Ms Morrison ceased to be Shell’s Head of media relations?
  1. If Ms Morrison is still a Shell employee can you confirm the department, building and which particular Shell Company, she presently works for?


Yours sincerely,



John Dyer.