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Graeme Sweeney

Shell Research Limited,

PO Box 1

Chester CH1 3SH.

(recorded delivery)

27 March 2001. 

Dear Mr Sweeney, 

I have been asked if I would be willing to 'address' a forthcoming meeting of the Ellesmere Port Council environmental committee.  I, of course, readily agreed.  I took the opportunity to request that an officer of the Ellesmere Council contact you, to afford you the same opportunity.  

Accordingly, I invite you and any other Shell representative (I feel sure the council would welcome to opportunity to see which one of us is engaged in the process of deliberate, systematic lying), to challenge directly anything I say (if invited) or have stated. 

I shall be publishing this letter, via my WEB Site www.nuclearcrimes.com


Yours sincerely,

 John Dyer.

cc Lyn Collins.