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Shell's attempt(s) to stop the truth of its nuclear dumping(s) becoming public knowledge, resulted in  my (John Dyer) first WEB host-'Easyspace' pulling/removing this (my) site, at Shell's instigation, from the Internet.  Not only that, easyspace/Shell removed all records of the site!  Shell's early success in pulling/removing my WEB site from the Internet, was however, short-lived.   Having now obtained an ethical WEB Host (Knightsbridge-David Pearce), Shell's panic, at this outcome, is such that an immediate warning/threatening letter was dispatched to David Pearce, by Shell's lawyers.  When, David-a renowned philosopher, did not respond to Shell's threats, D J Freeman, the said lawyers,  'contacted'  the Easynet Group.   Shell, by way of Easynet,  then applied pressure to Pavillion.net (Knightsbridge-David Pearce connectivity supplier), to have my WEB site, taken off the Internet.  Hence, a further 'warning' letter from Pavilion plc's David Taylor, was dispatched to Knightsbridge-my present WEB host, with the warning that Knightsbridge's entire domain will be pulled, if this (my) site is not removed!  Please note that out of deference to the wishes of my present WEB host (Knightsbridge) I have not, as yet, displayed Shell's latest correspondence/threats, by way of Pavillion.net.