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Mr Hugh Dorans

Safety Advisor

Shell Research Limited

P. O. Box 1

Chester CH1 3SH.


 Dear Mr Dorans,

Thank you for your letter of the 18 January 1999. I am justifiably dismayed, at what can only be described as further delaying tactics on Shell's part, especially in view of the fact that at the conclusion of our meeting Mr Graeme Sweeney undertook to ensure that by the end of this month, I would receive, by letter, a formal response detailing Shell’s position concerning this matter.

Now you are expecting me to disclose the identity of the buildings, the locations of the disposal sites, and details of the witnesses. As I informed you and your colleagues, at the meeting, this is not acceptable. However, in order to progress matters, I am prepared to meet with your representatives in order to jointly interview former Shell employees, Shell personnel, and others who can confirm the allegations. 

I fear that Shell are about to make a catastrophic misjudgment regarding my resolve to bring this matter into the public domain without further delay. 

Accordingly should you (Shell) fail to demonstrate serious intent to address this matter in the manner outlined, at our meeting, by the end of the month I shall terminate all communication with Shell, and proceed to publish.

Yours sincerely


John Dyer.