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Mark Moody-Stuart

Shell Transport & Trading Company p.l.c.

Shell Centre


London SE1 7NA.

23 May 2000. 

Dear Mark Moody-Stuart, 

                             Thank you for your letter, dated 19 May 2000. The letter was not posted until 22 May, consequently I did not receive it until late to-day.  As a result of your letter I have written to Mr. Richard Wiseman, Legal Director Shell UK Limited, copy faxed, and enclosed  The copy is self-explanatory.

Following your letter, and my recent conversation with Mr. Wiseman of the 21 May, I am candidly, at a loss to understand how Shell personnel come to believe the things you, apparently, do. 

So there can be no misunderstanding, I neither expect nor require Shell to admit liability, or anything else, as a precondition to my furnishing Shell my body of  evidence.   I repeat, have no anti-Shell agenda. Indeed, despite your treatment of me, I take absolutely no pleasure or satisfaction in the course of events you are, evidently determined to force upon me. 

I refuse to believe that any person could have done more to try and get you (Shell) to address the serious consequences of your actions of 1968.  I repeat  publication may not be the most responsible course of action.  However, the issue has to be addressed.



Yours sincerely,




John Dyer.