Dyer-Wiseman 29
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R M Wiseman

UK General Counsel

Shell International Limited

Shell Centre

London  SE1 7NA.

Your Ref:  LSUK

27 March 2001


Dear Mr. Wiseman,

Thank you for your letter of the 26 March.   

You wrote:

 'I  (Richard Wiseman) have nothing to add to add to our previous correspondence.  Unless you have something new to tell us, please do not waste your time and ours by continuing to repeat your unsubstantiated allegations which, as you know, we do not feel the need to deny every time you repeat them.'

You again construct an Aunt Sally, to divert attention away from your lies. For, I never asked you to 'deny' any of my, or anyone else's, 'allegations'!   My letter of the 21 March was the second recorded delivery letter, following your inability to respond/answer my original request of the 9 March, requesting that you substantiate YOUR assertions-NOT MINE-contained in YOUR letter of the 6 March 2001.

YOUR letter of the 6 March asserted (that):

 'All of the points made in my (J Dyer) letter of the 17 February 2001 to Joanne Chandler ('Assistant Sustainable Development' Shell International Limited), have (previously) been dealt with by either yourself of D J Freeman (Shell's lawyers in this matter).'

Consequently, I wrote/challenged you to detail were-

' All of the points have been dealt with at length by yourself and D J Freeman (Shell's lawyers)', I again challenge(d) you to forward one single occasion (never mind 'at length') when either yourself, Shell and/or Freeman's have answered the 'Armstrong' question?   I requested that 'for once directly answer a question, don't ignore it, pretend you don't understand it- now either substantiate or withdraw your slur.'   

Unable to 'directly answer questions' (substantiate the Group's and your lies), your rather ill tempered letter 'addresses' a fictitious query! 

There is little point in my again, requesting that you/Shell and/or Freeman's substantiate the other assertions (lies) contained in YOUR letter of the 6 March, for your letter of yesterday speaks adequately for itself. 

Yours sincerely,


John Dyer.